5 Things to Look for when choosing the Best Dog Food

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When it comes to the food and treats we feed our dogs, our furry family members are relying on us to make important decisions that affect their health and longevity. Our pets are our world and we want to do everything we can to protect them and keep them healthy and happy which is why the food and treats we feed our dogs is so important. 

We need to pay attention to the ingredients in the dog food our pets consume and only feed them high quality natural dog foods that keep them looking and feeling their very best. With so much information about the dog food benefits of various products, pet parents often wonder, what is the healthiest food for dogs? If you want to find the best dog food, here are five things to consider when making your selection.

1) Ingredients

The first thing to look for when choosing the best dog food or treat is the ingredients panel. In a high quality dog food or treat brand like Nature’s Advantage, the first ingredient in the ingredients panel which makes up the greatest percentage of the pet food product should be real meat. Meat protein contains essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals dogs need to live their best lives. The best dog food will have whole ingredients rather than meal or by-product ingredients which are lower quality protein sources with less nutritional value. 

What are some healthy protein sources for dogs?

2) USA made and sourced

Being 100% USA made is more than just a label. It means peace of mind and pride in choosing a food made with locally sourced ingredients. The best dog food is made in America.

Why choose USA made pet food? Pet food made in America: 

  • Must meet strict quality and safety standards

  • Has higher quality ingredients than foreign made products

  • Is regulated by the Food and Drug Administration

  • Helps boost the economy

  • Supports local businesses

3) Health benefits

The best dog food and treats will have numerous health benefits for your dog, while also providing your dog with the energy to help them thrive. A healthy food for dogs, such as Nature’s Advantage food and treats, can lead to many benefits.

What are the health benefits of quality dog food and treats?

  • Beneficial fatty acids like Omega 3 to support a gleaming coat 

  • A natural diet for dogs affects digestion leading to fewer and smaller messes in the yard

  • Foods that are good for dogs give them more energy so your pup can spend more time playing and less time snoozing

  • Dog food with quality nutrition supports clean teeth and fresh breath

  • Healthy dog food contains vitamins and minerals such as zinc, iron, and Vitamin A, B6 and B12, to ensure strong bones, healthy skin and optimal growth.

4) Dog training benefits

Our pets deserve the very best dog food and treats but what are the best treats for dogs? We may be biased, but we think Nature’s Advantage treats are the best natural treats for dogs. The savory treats are so good that they may make your dog even smarter! 

What are the benefits of high value freeze-dried dog treats?

  • Your dog may try harder to listen and be obedient when you offer high value treats

  • The greater the reward the more focus your dog will have. Freeze-dried treats are an excellent motivator

  • Real meat dog treats help support your dog’s energy so they can help you out around the house by bringing in the mail or chasing those pesky squirrels out of the yard 

5) Gluten free and grain free

For dogs that experience food allergies and intolerances, choosing a balanced diet that is gluten free and grain free is the best dog food option to ensure proper nutrition. Read our blog to find out why your dog food should be gluten free and grain free. 

What are the benefits of gluten free, grain free dog food?

  • Greater digestibility leading to less poo to clean up in the yard

  • Low carb, high protein, helping dogs maintain an ideal weight

  • Fewer smelly dog farts

  • Promotes thick, shiny, luxurious fur

  • Longer lifespan

Choosing a balanced diet for dogs

There are so many great advantages to choosing a balanced diet for dogs, but the one thing that shines through most of all is pride. Dogs that are fed a quality dog food such as Nature’s Advantage are so proud, they prance around the house showing off their shiny coat and clean teeth. And pet parents that feed a good food for dogs also feel proud because they know they are feeding their best friend the best dog food available. Shop now to find healthy food and treats for your dog and be sure to follow Sparky and Nature’s Advantage on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

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