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Hello! It's nice to meet ya!

I promised I’d be a good boy, while I introduced myself…but I’m just soo excited to meet ya! My name’s Sparky and I’m proud to have my face all over Nature’s Advantage. Shh...don’t tell them I said that...they’re giving me extra treats for lookin’ so cool on their bags. But really, I can’t bark enough praise for how delicious their products are and how good they make me feel. 

Let me give ya the four one one on Nature’s Advantage. It’s a line of all natural, freeze-dried food and treats designed to enhance me and my families’ life. They also told me it’s made the way nature intended with real meat, veggies and fruit which explains why it tastes so good and I don’t seem to get those late night cravings that drove my mom crazy. No more getting up at 4 am to give me an extra cup of food because Nature’s Advantage is loaded with protein and no fillers to keep me satisfied longer.

It’s been an interesting year after getting recruited to the Nature’s Advantage team. They liked me so much that they even asked me to be on their bags. How COOL is that! Maybe I’ll become insta famous! Woof..pardon me I’m gettin’ a little ahead of myself. You're probably here talking to me because you want to know why I love Nature’s Advantage right? I think it’s simply because I know what’s in it and I can feel how good those ingredients are for me. I mean look at their labels...they're not written in doggo so you’ll have to tell me what it says, but if I could read it I would choose it for myself too. I know my family was very impressed with the limited ingredients and wholesome food that Nature’s Advantage custom sources for their products. My dad also boasts about how everything is made in the U.S.A. I’m not sure what that means, but it makes him happy so I’m happy. 

P.S. I think I eat better than the rest of my family…but don’t tell them I said that or they’ll want what I have!


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