Natural Cat Treats: Try Mo's Favorites!

Treating your king or queen of the house means treating them right…with grain free, protein rich, nutritious and delicious Nature’s Advantage cat treats!

Our resident feline spokescat, Mo, is here to share her favorite treats — and help you find your kitty’s faves, too.

Freeze-Dried Cat Treats: The Bites of Goodness Your Kitty Deserves

Treats aren’t just for dogs anymore. Scrumptious cat treats are the purrfect way to spoil your favorite feline. In fact, once you find the treat your cat likes best, you can even use them for training! Yes, you can train a cat!

Cats may not seem as motivated to learn as dogs are, but the truth is that most people haven’t even tried to train their cat. Cats can absolutely learn to sit, roll over, high five and much more! The key is to find the delicious, high value treat they’re willing to work for.

Or, in the words of our feline ambassador Mo: “It’s not like it’s difficult. I can sit or roll over whenever I want, but it’s more fun to train my humans to give me yummy treats when I do. After all, if you’re good at something, never do it for free!”

Treats can also be used to fill up toys. Puzzle toys challenge your kitty to think and provide excellent mental enrichment. There are even feeder toys shaped like little mice that you can fill with treats and hide around the house  — engaging your cat’s natural instincts to hunt, catch and “kill” their prey!

The Health Benefits of Natural, Grain Free Cat Treats

When it comes to cat treats, the key is to look for ones that are natural (meaning no artificial ingredients), grain free (since no kitty needs those carbs!) and have a limited ingredient panel (so you really know what you’re feeding).

Here’s a few of Mo’s favorites that check all those boxes — and are feline-approved delicious!

Nature's Advantage Freeze-Dried Chick'n Breast Cat Treats

You can’t go wrong with chicken!

Chicken is a lean, healthy white meat. Our freeze-dried chicken treats for cats contain nothing but real, fresh chicken breast. If you have a cat who constantly craves a bite of your chicken sandwich, these treats are sure to distract! Plus, you won’t feel bad about letting your cat indulge when the goodies are this nutritious.

Nature's Advantage Freeze-Dried Salmon Select Cat Treats

The fishy scent of this freeze-dried salmon is mild to us humans — but it works like a siren song to cats. Their ultra-sensitive noses will sniff out these salmon cat treats from across the house. Pop open a bag and your kitty will appear by your side with demanding meows before you can blink twice!

Plus, real salmon is a natural source of key omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. These important nutrients keep your cat’s coat gleaming and their immune system strong!

Nature's Advantage Freeze-Dried Minnows Cat Treats

Yes, they’re real, whole fish — eyes, tails and all!

Freeze-dried minnows are a small, single ingredient snack with a satisfying crunch. Many cats eat them up like popcorn! Plus, since minnows are so low-calorie (roughly one calorie per fish) they’re a great option for curvy kitties who are trying to lose weight — but still deserve spoiling.

Nature's Advantage Freeze-Dried Rav'n Rabbit Cat Treats

That’s right: it’s REAL rabbit!

Mice-flavored cat treats may not be very practical, but these rabbit meat cat treats are the next best thing. Rabbit meat is a lean protein with a taste your little hunter will love. It’s an excellent option for kitties with allergies to more common proteins, like chicken or beef. Plus, it’s always nice to let your kitty try something different now and then.


Cat treats aren’t just luxury. They help keep your kitty’s mind sharp through training or puzzles, and they solidify your bond with your best pal. After all, food is love!

Find your kitty’s favorite treats, and they’ll be a purring puddle of cuteness in your lap before you know it!

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