RAWgust: It’s Time For Your Dog to Eat Clean

For many, August is simply the final few weeks of summer. Yet for pet parents who want to learn more about their best buddy’s nutrition, this month isn’t just August…it’s RAWgust!

RAWgust is an annual celebration of the many incredible health benefits of feeding your pet a raw diet. It’s a time of awareness and education, and a chance for pet parents who still have questions to learn all they can about going raw.

Why Feed Raw?

Heat-intensive processing such as canning, cooking, baking or roasting results in the breakdown of naturally occurring nutrients and enzymes, which tend to be highly sensitive to heat. 

Most pet food manufacturers simply replace the lost nutrients with additives and believe the end result is nutritionally the same.

The main principle behind raw feeding is that naturally occurring nutrients are healthier, easier to digest, and promote overall wellness more than the artificial alternative.

That’s why Nature’s Advantage dog food and treats are never exposed to high heat that would break down those precious nutrients. Instead, the raw meat and farm-fresh fruits and veggies are freeze-dried in a slow 48-hour process that retains that natural goodness all the way to your pup’s food bowl!

You’ll enjoy numerous health benefits when you feed your dog a simpler, more natural diet.

Better Digestion

A raw diet is filled with natural probiotics, promoting healthy gut bacteria that help your dog’s digestive system “move things along.” This reduces many common digestive issues like diarrhea and constipation.

One of the best benefits of a raw diet, in the opinion of many pet parents, is that a calmer digestive system also results in smaller, firmer poop! Plus, while grains cause cravings and spikes in blood sugar, a clean grain-free diet regulates your dog’s appetite — which helps Fido feel full. 

Another added benefit of a raw diet is that a happy tummy reduces bad gas. Stinky farts can be a sign of an upset stomach or overall poor digestion. If your pup can clear the room with a single toot, it may be time for a change in diet!

Healthier Skin and Coat

No more rough, ragged coats. The high fat content in a clean, raw diet promotes your pup’s natural oils. This gives Fido a soft, shiny coat you’ll love to run your hands through every day.

A clean diet also results in moisturized, healthy skin. Many pet parents who transition their dog to a raw diet see their pup’s skin issues — such as dandruff, dry skin, itching, flaking and redness — noticeably improve or even go away completely!

Whiter Teeth and Better Breath

A clean diet means cleaner teeth!

It’s the heavy grains and cheap carbs that really fast-forward plaque buildup on your pup’s teeth. Reducing or eliminating grains from your dog’s diet goes a long way towards improving their oral health. Healthy teeth and gums also saves you vet bills down the road. Extracting rotten teeth isn’t cheap!

Plus, less tartar and plaque means your precious pup has better breath — so Fido’s enthusiastic doggy kisses don’t leave you gagging!

Stronger Immune System

Dogs may be exposed to canine infections at the dog park, doggy day care or while boarding. Kennel cough, giardia and other contagious diseases spread quickly between dogs (especially with all that butt-sniffing and face-licking going on!).

Any dog can catch a disease, but a dog on a raw diet has a superpowered immune system. That means a raw-fed dog is more likely to fight off minor infections before they cause symptoms, or recover quicker if they do.

The Clean Diet Your Pets Deserve

Raw feeding is a major part of a clean diet for your dog.

Clean eating means “eating foods that are as close as possible to their natural state.” More and more people are becoming aware of clean eating as a way to nourish their own health, and it’s not hard to see why. According to the Mayo Clinic, clean eating “fills your body with plentiful vitamins and minerals, high-quality protein and healthy fats, which improve heart and brain health, assist with weight management, build a stronger immune system and increase energy levels, among other benefits.”

Many pet parents have realized that if clean eating is that good for you, it’s bound to be good for your pet, too!

That’s why we believe in feeding our pups as nature intended here at Nature’s Advantage. That means using the highest quality meat and farm-fresh fruits and veggies, carefully freeze-dried without high heat applied. It also means no artificial preservatives, no dyes or colorings, no gluten or grains, and no intensive processing!

The end result is a nutritious raw diet that is clean and free from unneeded or artificial ingredients.

This RAWgust is the perfect time to learn more about feeding your dog a clean raw diet. If your pup is a big fan of delicious freeze-dried treats, but you haven’t tried incorporating raw food into your pup’s main meals yet, now is the pawfect time!

Once you see the positive changes a raw diet brings to Fido’s life, your only regret will be that you didn’t try raw sooner!

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