Sparky's Thanksgiving Tips for Dogs

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Well Hi! I’m Sparky and it’s my favorite time of the year: Turkey day! For a dog, Thanksgiving is the time of the year when the house fills with delicious smells and I lay next to the warm oven while my mom cooks...because then I’m right there to help her clean up if anything spills.

Unfortunately, I don’t have those funny opposable thumbs, so I can’t help with the cooking. But once visitors start piling into the house I can help by greeting them all with a happy dance, butt wiggles and some kisses! All the guests compliment me on my shiny coat and soft fur. Of course, that’s because of the delicious food my mom feeds me! And boy-oh-boy do I love food! My favorite room in the house is the kitchen, but especially this time of year, I have to be careful in there. Let’s head there now. . .

Garbage cans: A doggy danger zone

During Thanksgiving time, the kitchen is filled with so many yummy smelling foods and lots of empty food containers and wrappers. Sometimes I can’t resist the allure of all the wrappers and scraps in the garbage can...and there was that one time I got a hold of a cooked turkey bone and almost choked! Luckily my mom got it away from me in time. Be sure to keep the garbage can in a location your dog can’t get to or get one of those garbage cans with the locking lids. As much as I love dumpster diving for delightful doggy dining delicacies, dogs like me may accidentally get into something we’re not supposed to, get sick or make a mess. You may even have to keep me out of the kitchen altogether! It may make me a little sad, but it’s for my own good. Trust me, no one wants to rush me to the dogter on turkey day to get that baked bean can off my head! 

Table scraps may give dogs an upset tummy  

Did I mention I looooove food? Well this one time a Thanksgiving guest snuck me some table scraps and they were soooooo delicious! But then things got bad. I got an upset tummy and got sick...on the carpet. My mom was not happy to clean that up on turkey day, and it didn’t smell too good. What people don’t realize is that even though dogs like to eat delicious yummy things like table scraps, they are not good for us and can actually make us very sick. Now my mom gives me my own Tasty Turkey Dinner to eat and it’s a Thanksgiving feast for dogs that makes me feel great! While everyone else is ready for a nap after dinner, I’m full of energy and ready to play. So to recap: No to table scraps, yes to Tasty Turkey Dinner for dogs!

Thanksgiving can be overwhelming for dogs 

Last Thanksgiving someone accidentally stepped on my tail and I was so startled I yelped! Luckily, I have a kennel with a nice soft bed that I retreated to for a little bit of chill-out time, which I needed. You see, although dogs like me love people, sometimes crowds of people and strangers can be overwhelming for us. It’s important for us to have a safe space to retreat to when things get overwhelming. Also-keep an eye on the little kids and make sure they know when a dog is in their kennel or has retreated to a room for solitude, that they need to be left alone. 

Holiday traveling with dogs

If you’re taking your pooch traveling this Thanksgiving holiday, make sure you do so safely. Your pup should have a doggy seatbelt, or put your dog in a kennel. Dogs like me tend to get lonely when we’re in the car, and it’s also unsafe, so make sure you don’t leave us in the vehicle alone. Also, be sure to bring some water and our regular food and treats along so we don’t get an upset stomach from a new food. 

Turkey day is supposed to be a happy time for pups so make sure you take some precautions to keep your dog safe, just like my family does for me. Also, check out Nature’s Advantage and show your love for your best friend by giving them the advantages of all natural food and treats. Your pup will thank you later.

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