The Perfect Easter for Dogs

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Easter is the classic hallmark of spring, a joyful holiday for the whole family. And as every pet-lover knows, “the whole family” includes the furry, four-legged members! After all, why shouldn’t Fido get in on the fun??

There are many easy ways to throw the perfect Easter for dogs that your best pal will love and you’ll never forget!

Dog Easter Baskets

Kids love waking up to a fun-filled Easter basket on Easter morning; so why not make a dog Easter basket, too? After all, any holiday is a good excuse to spoil your very best pal!

If you’re in need of dog Easter basket ideas, we recommend giving your pup a basket overflowing with Fido’s favorite freeze-tried treats. Or, take the opportunity to give your pup some new Easter dog toys, such as an egg-shaped puzzle toy, a stuffed bunny or carrot-shaped squeaky toy.

When preparing a dog Easter basket, avoid using plastic Easter grass. It’s too easy for an excited pup to eat some!

Dog Easter Egg Hunt

Let your best pal participate in one of the most classic Easter traditions of all by arranging their very own Dog Easter Egg Hunt! Scavenger hunts are fun and mentally stimulating games for dogs of all ages, breeds and sizes.

Naturally, the eggs your dog finds should be filled with yummy Easter dog treats. For an egg-cellent choice, look no further than Nature’s Advantage Really Rabbit Dog Treats. Made with real rabbit meat, these grain free dog treats are full of nutritious goodness that’s sure to give your best pal that spring feeling!

Once you’ve filled your plastic Easter eggs with your dog’s favorite treats, hide them somewhere within your best pal’s reach. Remember that your pup may not be able to smell the treats through the plastic, so make sure there’s a few eggs out in plain sight when the hunt begins. Once your dog realizes that the eggs contain tasty rewards, they’ll know to search for hidden surprises!

Always keep the kids’ Easter Egg Hunt and the dog Easter Egg Hunt separate. This minimizes confusion and the chance that your dog may eat candy — or your kid may eat dog treats! It’s recommended to hold the dog Easter Egg Hunt first, since the kids may leave behind stray chocolates that your dogs find.

Some people like to let dogs open the eggs themselves to get the treats inside, but if you’re going to go this route make sure to monitor your pups closely. Don’t let your dogs swallow any plastic eggs. It may be safer to encourage your dog to simply touch the eggs or bring them to you, and then you can open the eggs for your pooch. Another option is to use extra-large eggs, so it would be difficult for your pup to swallow them anyway.

Finally, always keep track of how many eggs you hide and where, so that you or your dog or your children don’t uncover them unexpectedly down the line.

Dog Easter Outfits

Need even more ideas for Easter gifts for dogs? Why not an adorable dog Easter outfit? From a dog Easter dress to a dog Easter Bunny costume, there are many options for dressing your pooch to celebrate the day!

When choosing Easter dog clothes, remember not to put anything on your best pal that will cause them to overheat or restrict their breathing or freedom of movement. You’ll also want to be careful of dangling buttons, ribbons or anything else that your pup can chew on or swallow. Always supervise your dog while they’re in costume to ensure they don’t get caught on anything. Most importantly, take your pal’s costume off at the first sign of distress. Easter isn’t supposed to be stressful!

If costumes just aren’t your pup’s style, you can always opt for the classic dog Easter Bunny ears or a few colorful Easter dog collars instead.

Easter Dangers for Dogs

In all the excitement of decorating and preparing for the Easter holiday, it’s important to be aware of a few common dangers that Easter can bring for our canine pals.

If you’re wondering, “Are Easter Lilies poisonous to dogs?”, the answer is “Yes!!” Every part of the popular Easter Lily is highly toxic to your best pal. Keep these beautiful plants far out of your dog’s reach, and watch out for any fallen leaves or petals that your pooch might eat. The chocolate and nuts that are commonly found in Easter candy are also toxic for dogs, so don’t let Fido get into the kids’ candy stash. (Or your candy stash — hey, we don’t judge!).

Plastic decorations are very common around Easter, especially plastic eggs and the Easter grass that commonly lines baskets. Any plastic can become a problem if ingested by your dog, but “stringy” items like the Easter grass are especially dangerous since they may become tangled in your dog’s intestines. If you think your dog has ingested Easter grass or swallowed an Easter egg, contact your veterinarian right away!

Finally, you may be wondering if dogs can eat real eggs. The answer is: Yes, hard-boiled eggs without any salt, oil, pepper or other seasoning are excellent Easter snacks for your pup. Make sure you peel the shell off before giving any eggs to your dog, and try not to give your best pal more than one — too many eggs may cause an upset tummy or diarrhea, which would really ruin the holiday!

From hosting the ultimate Dog Easter Egg Hunt to filling a dog Easter basket with egg-celent toys and treats, there’s many ways to celebrate Easter with your best pal and have the perfect Easter for dogs.

However you celebrate, we hope you and your whole fur-family have a hoppy Easter!!

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