Tips for a safe St. Patrick’s Day for dogs

Hey guys, it’s me: Sparky McLeprechaun! Top O’ the mornin to ya! Ok, it’s really just Sparky the dog, but I’m here to tell you all about the day where we all become Irish: St. Patrick’s Day! From pots o’ gold, to shamrocks and leprechauns, St. Patrick’s Day really is a silly holiday, when you’re a dog. It isn’t all green decorations and fun on St. Patrick's Day, and I’m here to tell you a few of the hazards to watch out for, to help keep your dog safe.


Shamrocks are one of the most common symbols used to denote St. Patrick's Day. Some people use live shamrocks as decorations during this holiday, and in some places shamrocks grow naturally outside. If your dog is like me and spends a lot of time sniffing in the yard and eating grass, make sure you’re aware that dogs can get very sick if they eat shamrocks. Eating shamrocks can cause dogs to experience serious health symptoms such as vomiting and diarrhea. Since I sometimes like to eat things I shouldn’t, my mom likes to check the pet poison helpline anytime she is concerned about something I ate. 


When St. Patrick's Day comes around, my family likes to drink this green stuff they call beer. If my family drinks something, it makes me think I can drink whatever they’re drinking, too! However, green beer–or any alcoholic beverage–is unsafe for dogs. Even drinking a very small amount of alcohol can make dogs very sick. Since dogs like me don’t know any better, just keep that green beer picked up and away from places where I can get into it and help myself to a drink. 

Corned beef and cabbage

Another thing I loooove about St. Patrick’s day is all the yummy smells from the delicious food around the house. My family likes to make these sandwiches called “corned beef and cabbage.” I love beef! It’s one of my favorite flavors! So, of course, I have to beg for a little snack when my parents cook their St. Patrick’s Day feast. But ohhhh boy...I learned the hard way that things like cabbage cause smelly farts in dogs! Keep that cabbage away from dogs, so they don’t stink up the room. Plus, it can cause a belly ache. And although corned beef has the word beef in the name, it’s not good for dogs because it is very high in salt, and too much salt is bad for dogs. It’s best to keep the human food out of your dog’s reach and give your dog their own St. Patrick’s day beef in the form of a Beef Burger Dinner.  


My family loves celebrating holidays and celebrations mean decorations. Festive beads, glitter, and other decorations show up all around the house. One time, my mom caught me carrying a beaded necklace around the house in my mouth. It must have accidentally fallen. “Bad dog,” she said, probably because she was worried I may swallow it. When choosing decorations for your own home, choose safe decorations and keep them out of reach of your pet so they don’t get into trouble and chew them up or eat something they aren’t supposed to. 

Green dye

Green hats, green cookies, green clothes, green jewelry, green decorations, it seems everything turns green around St. Patrick’s day! But not dogs, they shouldn’t be green on St. Patrick’s Day - unless it’s from rolling around in freshly cut grass! It’s best not to dye your dog’s fur green around the holidays, as not all dyes are safe and for some dogs, it’s embarrassing! Also, if you dye your own hair green, be sure not to leave the dye around where your dog can find it. A tube of green dye looks exactly the same as a tube of frosting, to a dog.


Every dog loves a parade, right? Wrong! St. Patrick’s Day parades are really not a good place to bring a dog. The loud noises hurt our ears and may scare us, causing us to run away and get lost. Also, the candy that gets thrown out at parades looks yummy enough for a dog to eat but it can actually make dogs like me very sick. Combine that with large crowds, and all that green beer, and it can be a doggie disaster. Take it from me, Sparky, it’s best to let your dog skip the St. Patty’s Day parade. 

While you’re celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, set your dog up with some yummy treats, a nice dog bed and a fresh dish of water, and leave them safely at home. That way you’ll have a safe and happy dog while you enjoy St. Patrick’s Day. Now that you’ve heard all my hints for a happy green holiday, I wish you a Happy St. Patrick’s Day and may the Luck O’ The Irish be with you! Follow Sparky and Nature’s Advantage on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest and shop now to pick out some food and treats for your own dog.

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