• Do dogs dream, and if so, what about?

    Do dogs dream, and if so, what about?
      Sometimes dogs do weird things while sleeping such as wiggling their feet, moving their legs, barking, twitching, howling or whining. You may be wondering, is my dog dreaming? What is my dog dreaming about? Is my dog having a nightmare? Lets dig deep into the topic of doggy dreaming and see if we can determine an answer.  Do dogs dream? Yes, dogs do dream. Most dog owners agree that when their dogs begin whining or making movements in their sleep, they are likely dreaming. A dog’s brain structure is similar to humans which means they...
  • Sparky’s Guide To Being A Great Valentine

    Sparky’s Guide To Being A Great Valentine
      Hey guys! It’s me, Sparky! I’m here to ask ya: Woof you be my Valentine? My paws weren’t made for writing, but if I could write you a Valentine’s poem, it would go something like this: Collars are redLeashes are blue And if you give me treatsI’ll always love you! It’s Valentine’s DayAnd I want you to knowI’ll follow you Wherever you go When you give me a hugIt makes my heart wholeAnd I get as happy as whenYou fill my food bowl! If you see my tail waggingI can promise you thisIf I had the chanceI’d...
  • Dogs With A Job To Do

    Dogs With A Job To Do
      For most dogs, an average day includes napping on the couch, chasing squirrels and going for a walk around the neighborhood. However, there are some dogs that are used for more than just companionship. Nowadays, dogs perform all kinds of tasks including guiding the blind, sniffing out bombs, search and rescue and more. So what’s the difference between service dogs, therapy dogs, emotional support dogs and working dogs? Read on to learn about the differences and to find out the rules for approaching these dogs.  Service dog A service dog has been specially trained to...
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