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Our grain free cat food contains no artificial additives or preservatives — just real freeze-dried turkey. It’s the high quality, healthy cat food your kitty deserves!
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WHAT’S THE ADVANTAGE? Here at Nature’s Advantage, we make healthy cat food you’ll be proud to serve to your favorite feline! This grain free cat food is made from high quality turkey. Lean protein promotes a trim figure and a gleaming coat, sparking your cat’s confidence! Feed this freeze-dried turkey as a complete and balanced meal, or sprinkle some into your cat’s usual food for an added boost of hearty nutrition. Because our freeze-drying process does not use high heat, more of the meat’s naturally occurring vitamins and nutrients are retained. That makes freeze-dried cat food healthier and easier to digest than canned food or kibble. It’s cat food made the smart way — because we know your clever kitty deserves the best!

  • GRAIN FREE CAT FOOD - Carb-heavy grains are difficult for cats to digest, and contribute to obesity. This turkey cat food is free from grains and gluten, keeping your feline fit and lean.
  • CLEAN EATING FOR CATS - Healthy cat food is simple and clean. That’s why our limited ingredient panel does not include artificial preservatives, fillers or dyes.
  • GOURMET TURKEY CAT FOOD - It’s the tasty turkey dinner you’ll be proud to serve! This freeze-dried turkey cat food is made with carefully selected meat — not leftovers or rendered by-products.
  • QUALITY FELINE NUTRITION - Doesn’t your best pal deserve the best diet? A high protein cat food strengthens your cat’s muscles and boosts their immune system!
  • ALWAYS AMERICAN MADE - Never wonder about where your cat’s food is really from. This freeze-dried cat food is 100% made and packaged in the USA, using real, whole turkey.

Ingredients: Turkey, turkey heart, turkey liver, herring oil, mixed tocopherols (preservative), vitamin E supplement, zinc amino acid complex, iron amino acid complex, copper amino acid complex, manganese amino acid complex


Guaranteed AnalysisCrude Fiber, max: 5.0% | Crude Fat, min: 17.0% | Crude Protein, min: 48.0% | Moisture, max: 8.0%
Calorie Content(Calculated)ME = 4448 kcal/kg | ME = 281 kcal/cup


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6 lbs8 lbs10 lbs12 lbs
1/3 cup1/2 cup5/8 cup3/4 cup

Daily Feeding Guidelines: Feed up to double the amount for kittens and pregnant or nursing cats. Individual requirements may vary. Cat's age, breed and activity level may affect overall feeding quantity. 

How to Feed: Feed as is for a complete and balanced meal or mix in with other food for a boost of nutrition and flavor. Always provide access to water. Store freeze-dried products in a cool dark place. Best if fed within 30 days after opening.

Transition to Raw: Switch to a pure raw diet slowly. Some pets may take to raw immediately, while others may take longer because they are hooked on the added flavorings in traditional pet food. Take at least 10 days to 2 weeks to gradually transition your pet's diet to give their digestive system time to adjust to new food.

Clean Teeth & Fresh Breath

Reduce doggo breath and brighten their smile

Sparkling Coat of Fur

See a soft, shiny and more luxurious coat

Less Shedding

You’ll see a reduction in fur tumbleweeds so you clean less

Fewer & Smaller Poops

Less poop to pick up and firmer stool that breaks down naturally–neat poo

Turkey Cat Food


What are the health benefits of raw freeze-dried pet food and treats?

Because our single source proteins, fruits and veggies remain in a raw form that is naturally easy on your pet’s digestive system, a healthy freeze-dried raw diet results in many health benefits. Our Nature’s Advantage pet parents have seen their best pals find relief from food allergies and digestive distress, as well as maintain a healthier weight and have more energy day-to-day.

We credit our slow freeze-drying process, which never cooks your pet’s food, but instead locks in all those fresh nutrients from farm to food bowl!

How do I store freeze-dried food and treats?

Nature’s Advantage freeze-dried food and treats are shelf-safe and long-lasting. They do not require any refrigeration or freezing. Keep them in your cupboard in a cool, dry place until your kitty is ready to chow down!

Where are your products made?

We are proud to be 100% USA made! All Nature’s Advantage food and treats are made and packaged in our own private facilities in the American Midwest.

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