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Healthy dog treats made the way Nature intended with only wholesome ingredients and nothing artificial. Dogs will understand this easy ingredient list – just beef liver.
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Healthy dog treats made the way Nature intended with only wholesome ingredients and nothing artificial. Your dog will understand this clean ingredient list because it’s so easy – just beef liver.

  • BEEF LIVER DOG TREATS – That’s right, only beef liver! These all-natural freeze dried grain free dog treats are so good, so healthy and so fun. A simple low carb treat loaded with protein to support wellness.
  • ALWAYS USA MADE – Can’t beat a USA treat! Sourced, made and packaged in America using a custom freeze-drying process to maintain the nutrition, quality and flavor that smart dogs like Sparky expect from Nature’s Advantage.
  • CLEAN INGREDIENTS – Check the label, Sparky has. He loves what he sees and tastes! A limited ingredient, gluten free dog treat with no fillers or artificial ingredients. Just an all-natural treat made with real beef liver.
  • TRAIN FASTER, TREAT BETTER – On the go or at home! These high value dog treats are for the smart pets in your family. You’ll feel good treating with these and your dog will be excited for every training session. More focus, energy and happy wags! 
  • PET APPROVED – Smart pets choose Nature’s Advantage treats for the taste. You choose ‘em for the benefits and happiness it brings to the whole family. From small to large breed dogs, everybody loves these treats!

Ingredients: Beef liver

Guaranteed AnalysisCrude Fiber, max: 2% | Crude Fat, min: 7% | Crude Protein, min: 65% | Moisture, max: 8%
Calorie Content(Calculated)ME = 3828 kcal/kg | ME = 3.5 kcal/pc

Freeze-dried treats are designed as a treat and are not intended to be fed as a complete and balanced diet.

How to Feed: Train faster, treat better! On the go or at home. Use as an every day treat or a high value training reward. Store freeze-dried products in a cool dark place. Best if fed within 30 days after opening.

Clean Teeth & Fresh Breath

Reduce doggo breath and brighten their smile

Sparkling Coat of Fur

See a soft, shiny and more luxurious coat

Less Shedding

You’ll see a reduction in fur tumbleweeds so you clean less

Fewer & Smaller Poops

Less poop to pick up and firmer stool that breaks down naturally–neat poo

Beef Liver Dog Treats


Are these beef liver treats raw?

Yes! All Nature’s Advantage food and treats are raw and never cooked. Our slow freeze-drying process removes moisture from the products over a 48-hour period, without cooking the ingredients or breaking down any of those healthy vitamins and nutrients, so you know your pup’s treats are as fresh and natural as possible!

Is beef liver good for dogs?

Yes! Beef liver is a healthy source of nutrients for dogs. In fact, pound for pound, liver contains more vitamins than muscle meat. It's an exciting treat for your dog, plus a natural multivitamin for your peace of mind!

What are the benefits of beef liver for dogs?

The natural nutrients in beef liver support your dog's immune system, helping Fido clear out toxins from his body. The vitamins in liver have even been shown to improve vision, digestive health, and joints!

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