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Minnows Cat Treats | Minnows

These healthy cat treats contain nothing but real, whole freeze-dried minnows!
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You’re a proud cat mom or dad, and your curious kitty keeps you on your toes. Give your little explorer the goodness to fuel their adventures with Nature’s Advantage freeze-dried cat treats. The freeze-drying process retains the healthy vitamins and nutrients that naturally occur in real, whole meat. Plus, because our single ingredient cat treats do not contain grains, gluten or any other additives that cat parents worry about, you can spoil your kitty without the stress. It’ll only take one freeze-dried minnow to have your cat meowing for more. These real, whole fish are just the right size for your kitty to eat with a couple of satisfying crunches. Don’t be surprised if your cat takes one and scampers away to enjoy the experience — and then comes back for seconds!

  • EMBRACE CLEAN EATING - Your cat’s clean diet can be ruined by additive-packed treats. That’s why our healthy cat treats do not include artificial preservatives, fillers or dyes.
  • MUNCHIN’ ON MINNOWS - There’s just something about these little fish that cats love. Maybe it’s because these real minnows look like something your cat would scoop out of the lake (or your fish tank!).
  • GUILT FREE CAT TREATS - If your kitty already has a few extra pounds, you may think treats are out of the picture. But since these freeze-dried cat treats are grain free and low carb, spoil away!
  • CHALLENGE YOUR CLEVER CAT - Use these high value cat treats to pamper your cat, fill mental enrichment toys, or even as training treats. Move over, pups — smart kitties can learn things, too!
  • QUALITY FELINE NUTRITION - Doesn’t your best pal deserve the best rewards? Feed high protein cat treats to strengthen your cat’s muscles and boost their immune system!

Ingredients: Minnows


Guaranteed AnalysisCrude Fiber, max: 3.0% | Crude Fat, min: 5.0% | Crude Protein, min: 60.0% | Moisture, max: 8.0%
Calorie Content(Calculated)ME = 2892 kcal/kg | ME = 2 kcal/pc

Freeze-dried treats are designed as a treat and are not intended to be fed as a complete and balanced diet.

How to Feed: Train faster, treat better! On the go or at home. Use as an every day treat or a high value training reward. Store freeze-dried products in a cool dark place. Best if fed within 30 days after opening.

Clean Teeth & Fresh Breath

Reduce doggo breath and brighten their smile

Sparkling Coat of Fur

See a soft, shiny and more luxurious coat

Less Shedding

You’ll see a reduction in fur tumbleweeds so you clean less

Fewer & Smaller Poops

Less poop to pick up and firmer stool that breaks down naturally–neat poo

Minnows Cat Treats


Are these treats raw?

Yes! All Nature’s Advantage food and treats are raw and never cooked. Our slow freeze-drying process removes moisture from the products over a 48-hour period, without cooking the ingredients or breaking down any of those healthy vitamins and nutrients, so you know your pet’s meals are as fresh and natural as possible!

How do I store freeze-dried food and treats?

Nature’s Advantage freeze-dried food and treats are shelf-safe and long-lasting. They do not require any refrigeration or freezing. Keep them in your cupboard in a cool, dry place until your kitty is ready to chow down!

Where are your products made?

We are proud to be 100% USA made! All Nature’s Advantage food and treats are made and packaged in our own private facilities in the American Midwest.

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