12 Ideas for a Fall Photoshoot with Your Dog

 Fall photoshoot, photoshoot with your dog

With cool weather, changing colors and cozy fall fashion, autumn is the right time for a photoshoot. Naturally, you’re going to want your best buddy to be your star! Dogs joyfully wear their hearts on their sleeves and never feel self-conscious in front of the camera, making them the perfect photography models.
Here’s twelve great ideas to inspire your creativity and help you plan the perfect fall photoshoot that captures your dog’s personality and the love you two share.

1. Outdoor Vistas

When it comes to the great outdoors, there’s truly nothing better than autumn weather. The summer heat has passed but the winter chill hasn’t arrived yet, creating the ideal conditions for an adventure.

The classic fall photoshoot means forests changing colors, autumn leaves, pumpkin patches, apple orchards and any ‘rustic’ scene such as a log cabin or old barn. Any of these would be fantastic locations for a fall photoshoot with your dog, but don’t forget some of the more creative options, such as a campfire at night or a sunset over the water. 

The best part about an outdoor photoshoot is the glorious natural lighting, so be certain to take advantage of it wherever you go. And for the final fall touch, take a photograph of your loyal pal with a single autumn leaf on the top of their fuzzy head — trust us on this one!

2. Exciting Cityscape

If you don’t have a forest nearby, don’t worry — you can always take your pup downtown for an urban photoshoot. City shots have a modern feel and also give you the chance to see a familiar place in a new way.

Remember that dogs see the world from a different perspective — literally! — so crouch down when shooting to truly get a dog’s-eye view of the world. From coffee shops to city parks to pigeons on the sidewalk, the city is a fascinating and wonder-filled world for your dog, so challenge yourself to snap some shots that reflect that thrilling feeling. 

3. Cozy Indoors

Autumn is the season for cuddling on the couch, so why not capture that homey feel with a photoshoot in your own living room?

Photos taken in your own home will feel intimate and cozy, and capture your pooch in the place where he begins. You might want to snap some shots of your dog interacting with the autumn decorations in your home, or looking out the window at the falling leaves. Wrap up your at-home photoshoot with some photos of naptime next to the fireplace, or the two of you snuggled up in a fuzzy fall blanket on the sofa!

4. Goofy Pose

Your best pal is always making you laugh, so it’s only fitting that your
fall photoshoot captures that joy and silliness! There are many ways to bring a little goofiness into your photo session. Toss some tasty treats to your pup and catch a shot of them with their mouth wide open. Or, put just a teensy dollop of peanut butter on their nose so you can get a photo of that wet pink tongue. A mouthful of crunchy leaves also makes for a funny fall shot! Don’t be afraid to play with other props or toys for the silliest photo that truly captures your pooch’s funny bone. 

5. Reflective Pose

Autumn is often the time for taking a step back to reflect. A thoughtful and poignant shot of your dog gazing into the distance would fully embrace the wistful feel of the autumn season. Also, while fall is known for brilliant colors, don’t be afraid to try it in black and white if you’re looking to add some emotion to your photoshoot with your dog.

6. Pose with People

While your dog is the true talent, make sure to get the humans involved in the photoshoot of your most faithful friend! How about a photo of you and your significant other going in for a kiss, while your dog sits between you (or maybe even tries to interrupt)?

Autumn also provides the ideal backdrop for family portraits. A shot of the whole family together truly solidifies your dog’s place as an equal member of the pack and is perfect for use in this year’s holiday card. Besides, the adorableness of dogs plus kids just can’t be beat! 

7. Matching Outfits

It’s said that pets look like their people, so why not embrace it? Match with your dog for the cutest ever photoshoot this fall!

While it may sound a little cheesy at first, more and more pet parents are embracing the fun of turning your beloved pooch into your mini-me. Get a friendship bracelet that matches your pup’s collar, or have your pup’s bandana perfectly complement your top. Do you wear glasses? We guarantee that your dog will rock some frames, too! (Just ask our best pal, Sparky!). 

8. Classic Fall Fashion

Whether they’re matching with you or not, autumn is the perfect time for a little dress-up for your pooch. A fall sweater, flannel or a snuggly scarf may be just the touch your photoshoot needs to elevate your photos of your dog from sweet to stunning. Don’t ever underestimate the power of the right prop!

9. Halloween Costumes

It seems that pet-and-owner themed Halloween costumes get more clever every year, from “shark and injured surfer” to “Harry Potter and Fluffy.”

We know how much creativity and hard work you’ve put into coming up with your Halloween costume — or your dog’s costume — or both! Now it’s time for a photoshoot to capture your efforts for posterity.

Once you’ve got your creative costume idea and some fantastic pictures showing off the results, you’ll only have one problem left: how to top it next year!

10. Action Shots

There’s no photo that captures the endless energy of your pooch like an action shot.

One of the easiest ways to get a photo of your pup moving is to call them from a distance, then snap some shots of them running towards you. You can also take your dog to the beach and grab some photos of them splashing in the water or catch them mid-shake after they get out.

If your dog knows any active tricks such as rolling over, standing on their back legs or jumping through a hoop, those photos would all contain movement as well.

Finally, for the perfect autumn action shot, try to capture the exact moment when your dog lands in a giant pile of crunchy leaves!

11. Lifestyle Shots

Arrange a photoshoot based around ‘a day in the life’ to celebrate the beautiful daily routine of you and your dog.

Photos of you going for a walk with your pooch, opening the front door with the leash in your hand, giving them a treat, putting their food bowl on the floor or giving them a bath...all of these shots provide a glimpse into the moments that make up your years together.

Hint: taking a photo of your pal from above enhances the cuteness and innocence of your dog, giving the impression that they’re looking up adoringly at the photographer — which of course, they probably are.

12. Portrait Shots

Get ready for your closeup! Posed doesn’t have to mean unnatural. A relaxed and intimate portrait of you and your soulmate pup can capture all your love in a single frame.

Try to focus on your dog’s eyes and ears, which are considered the most expressive part of your pup’s face. The two of you sharing a loving look, or just your dog gazing into the camera, can create a breathtaking shot that you’ll want displayed everywhere.

We hope these ideas for a fall photoshoot with your dog have given you some inspiration and left you itching to grab your camera. Once you’ve taken some gorgeous, goofy or adorable photos of your dog, we invite you to tag us on social media! We’d love to see you and your best pals celebrating the season, and you may even have the chance for your photogenic pooch to be featured on our Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest.

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