5 Ways to Celebrate Thanksgiving With Your Dog

We know your best pal has been a very Good girl or boy this year. Naturally, you want to show your dog that their fluffy companionship is one of the things you are most thankful for!

From turkey treats to the Turkey Trot, involve your best pal in the holiday celebrations with these five fun and easy ways to celebrate Thanksgiving with your dog.

1. Tuck into some turkey

We know that Thanksgiving means food, food and more food. But for the sake of your best bud’s well-being, we strongly suggest you don’t share any of your table scraps with Rover — no matter how he begs!

Eating too much fatty food all at once can trigger a painful and dangerous condition in your dog called pancreatitis. Fat trimmings, turkey skin and gravy are all very fatty and therefore best avoided for your four-legged pal. Also, the turkey we humans eat is often treated with spices and flavorings that may be toxic to dogs — particularly onions and garlic. Don’t give your dog any cooked turkey bones either, as they are brittle and can splinter or injure your pet.

But just because they shouldn’t eat your food doesn’t mean your dog can’t get in on the holiday spirit. To truly celebrate Thanksgiving with your best pal, let their Thanksgiving feast be a Tasty Turkey Dinner — it’s one of our pal Sparky's absolute favorites! You’ll also want to give your good boy or girl some Tender Turkey Treats as a reward for being so well-behaved around Grandma.

2. Watch the National Dog Show

The National Dog Show is a beloved annual Thanksgiving tradition for dog lovers and aficionados across the US. The canine competition follows the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade on NBC each year.

Watching gorgeous dogs flaunt their fluff may be the perfect way to relax and sink into a contented food coma after your Thanksgiving feast! There’s even a new breed added this year: the Biewer Terrier (pronounced “beaver”). Peacock TV will also be airing the National Dog Show Junior for the first time, so that kids can participate and practice showing their pups.

Of course, we all know who’s really Best in Show, and it’s the dog snoring on the couch by your side. Whether they’re purebred or pure of heart, we know your best pal is always the blue ribbon winner in your eyes! 

3. Buy a new Thanksgiving-themed dog toy

From squeaky turkeys to pilgrim hats and autumnal dog chews, why not use the Thanksgiving holiday as an excuse to buy your best pal a new toy?

Studies show it’s good to regularly introduce new toys to your dog. The novelty will provide mental stimulation and keep them from getting too bored. It’s exciting for your pup to play with something new, and it’s fun for you to see how much they love it!

Plus, what’s the only thing more exciting for your dog than a new toy? A new toy...containing treats! Consider buying a puzzle toy or other form of mental enrichment that you can stuff full of healthy and delicious Nature’s Advantage treats, to keep your best buddy motivated and give them a tasty reward when they figure it out.

4. Strap on your running shoes

There’s a growing tradition across the U.S. to get active on Thanksgiving morning, to burn off a small fraction of all those calories you’re going to eat later!

One fun way to celebrate Thanksgiving with your dog is to see if your neighborhood Turkey Trot will let Rover run. Pet-friendly event tracker Bring Fido has made a list of a few dog-friendly Turkey Trots, but it’s always worth checking with your local organizers to see if they mind you bringing your pooch.

Even if you opt out of an organized run, Thanksgiving morning is still the perfect time for a brisk walk. Take your pup along on an autumn hike or jog to start the day’s celebrations on the right foot.

5. Play doggy football

For many, Thanksgiving means gameday — so why not celebrate by tossing the pigskin with your pooch?

The cool weather makes Thanksgiving the perfect time to organize a doggy playdate! Get together with your visiting family members, your friends, your neighbors and their furry friends for a tail-waggin good time.

There are many dog-friendly football toys that you can use in the tussle for the title. Just make sure all the canine competitors are having fun and being good sports to each other!

However you spend the holiday season, we hope you show your pup some extra love to thank them for another year of tail wags, sloppy kisses and warm snuggles!

How are YOU celebrating Thanksgiving this year? Share your old or new traditions with us on Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram. We’d love to hear how you show your pup you’re thankful they’re in your life!

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