Sparky’s 2022 To-Do List

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In all the excitement of the New Year, you may be wondering what resolutions your four-legged friends would make. We can’t speak for all dogs, but we know what our buddy Sparky wants: to try new things, visit new places and most importantly, to spend
lots of quality time with the humans he loves!

If you’re looking for inspiration on how to make this year special for you and your loyal pup, here’s Sparky’s suggestions for twenty Happy New Year dog goals — so that you and your best pal can try something new in 2022!

1. Eat at a Dog-Friendly Cafe or Restaurant

Have you ever been out to eat with the family and thought, “I really wish my dog was here”? 

So have we! That’s why Sparky has decided to try out a dog-friendly restaurant at least once in 2022.

Some dog-friendly restaurants or cafes even have a special canine menu so you can indulge your best pal. (Just be careful not to let your buddy overeat or have anything too fatty!)

2. Splash Around at a Dog-Friendly Beach or Lake

Dog-friendly beaches, lakes and ponds are perfect for your pup to frolic in the waves, chase a ball into the sea or dig a big hole in the sand.

Sparky’s put “Doggy Beach Day” high on his to-do list for 2022 — and we’re sure your best pal would love it, too!  Most dogs love swimming once they try it. It’s good exercise, great for joints and circulation, and fun for both humans and dogs!

3. Arrange a Pet Photo Session

Be honest: your phone’s photo roll is filled to the brim with pictures of your beloved pup being adorable. But do you know what can capture their cuteness even more? A professional photoshoot with a pet photographer who knows how to bring out your pal’s best side!

It’s one of Sparky’s goals for this year to take a mantle-worthy photo so that his parents can show him off — even more than they already do!

4. Order Custom Dog Artwork

Once you have that one photo of your pup you absolutely love, why not turn it into an even greater masterpiece?

There are many incredible artists who can use a photo of your dog to make gorgeous custom artwork! It’s sure to be a unique talking point for guests who visit your home. (This year, Sparky wants to be depicted as the knight in shining armor he knows he is!)

5. Win a Canine Scavenger Hunt

Some towns hold official Scavenger Hunts for dogs, where you and your pup follow a trail through town to pick up goodies.

But who says you can’t set up a Scavenger Hunt of your own?? Tuck toys and treats in hidden places in your home or backyard, and then challenge your pup to find them. This unique game is a great way to exercise your pup’s sniffer and do something new this year!

6. Craft a Paw Print Keepsake

Let’s be honest: is there anything cuter than squishy little puppy toes?!

We know that pets leave paw prints on your heart — and those same puppy feet can also become the centerpoint of a creative DIY keepsake. From salt dough ornaments to an artistic photoscan or a fingerpaint masterpiece, there’s many adorable ways to capture your pet’s paw print likeness.

This year, get crafty with your pet to create something you’ll always treasure!

7. Organize a Dog Party or Playdate

We all get by with a little help from our friends — and our furry companions feel the same. Why not take time in 2022 to get together with your best pal’s furiends?

Arrange a canine get-together for your dog’s birthday, gotcha day or to celebrate International Dog Day on August 26th! (Personally, Sparky’s decided to have more puppy playdates this year with the cute spaniel from next door!)

8. Go Canine Camping or Glamping

Taking your dog camping is a fun way to adventure together. But what about glamping? This slightly more “glamorous” version of camping involves staying in a solid structure instead of a tent: all the fun of wilderness exploration, with slightly better sleep at night!

Whether you like roughing it under the stars or adventuring in style in a fully-furnished RV, it’s double the fun when you bring your best pal with you.

9. Go on a Doggy Road Trip

There’s nothing like a road trip: an open highway, a full tank of gas and your favorite tunes on the radio. And who better to be your co-pilot than your best pal?

If your dog is a fan of car rides like our boy Sparky is, make 2022 the year you hit the road together. Plan out a route that stops at dog-friendly destinations, and travel across the miles together!

10. Pass the Canine Good Citizen Test

Our best pal Sparky doesn’t think he needs a piece of paper to prove he’s a Good Boy — but he does want the bragging rights! That’s why this year, Sparky has resolved to pass the AKC Canine Good Citizen Test, proving that he is one smart pet.

Working towards the Canine Good Citizen Test gives you and your best pal something to aim for. Why not make this the year you go for it?

11. Learn Fun New Tricks

Sparky is always on the lookout for fun new tricks he can learn. What better way to impress Mom and Dad’s friends and earn extra yummy treats?! That’s why Sparky has set a personal goal in 2022 to add a few more tricks to his repertoire.

From Speak to Shake, Sit Pretty to Play Dead, there’s dozens of clever tricks you can teach your pup. What will your best pal learn this year?

12. Visit a Dog-Friendly Brewery or Winery

Touring a brewery or winery is a fun way to learn about your favorite beverage (and of course, indulge in those delicious free samples).

It’s on Sparky’s to-do list for 2022 to visit a dog-friendly brewery or winery at least once, and it may be something you’ll enjoy with your pup, too! Your best pal may not be interested in a glass of chardonnay, but they’ll still have fun going somewhere new with you. 

13. Sniff Out a Dog-Friendly Farmers’ Market

Farmers’ markets provide an excellent opportunity to peruse the local produce and crafts. While some farmers’ markets have a no-pets policy, others welcome well-behaved pups.

Bring your best pal along and he’ll be fascinated by all the new sights and smells! That’s why it’s one of Sparky’s goals for 2022 to visit a farmers’ market and pick out a new handmade dog toy or bandana — made locally and with love.

14. Attend a Dog-Themed Festival

Wherever there are dog-lovers, you’ll find a dog event! From Bark in the Park to Woofstock, dog-themed festivals are becoming increasingly popular.

Whether you’re heading out to one of the biggest canine conventions in the country or simply attending your local celebration of the pups in our lives, make it a goal to check out at least one dog-themed event in 2022.

We know it’s on Sparky’s list for sure!

15. Hike at a National Park

If there’s one thing our boy Sparky loves, it’s hitting the trail! Hiking with your dog is a great way to exercise and explore together. After a few trips to your local nature reserve, you may be ready for an even bigger challenge.

Many of America’s most beautiful National Parks are dog-friendly. Visiting one together is definitely at the top of Sparky’s to-do list, and we bet your pup would love it, too.

16. Enjoy a Canine Massage

There are few experiences in life more heavenly than a good massage. That’s why Sparky has decided to enjoy a relaxing canine massage at least once in 2022.

Treat your best pal this year by learning how to give a quality at-home canine massage. Or, you can take your pup to a professional canine masseuse! (If you’re lucky, you may even be able to find a ‘couple’s massage’ for you and your dog!)

17. Pick Out a Matching Friendship Bracelet and Collar

Remember when you and your BFF would buy matching friendship bracelets so everyone would know you’re Best Friends Forever? What could be more fun than that?!

Why, matching with your REAL best friend, of course!

Sparky’s declared that he is picking out a matching set of dog collar and bracelet this year, so that he can match with his mama wherever he goes — and everyone will know he’s her #1.

18. Spend a Day at Work

If you’re working from home, you already know if your best pal is a good co-worker (or not!). But if the daily grind takes you away from your pooch, why not make 2022 the year you try bringing Fido along?

National Bring Your Dog to Work Day is on June 24th this year. Who knows? If your friendly pooch charms the boss, maybe your best furiend can start joining you every day!

19. Join a Canine Competition or Sport

Sparky already knows he’s a blue-ribbon pup, and he’s resolved to prove it to everyone this year — by going for gold in a canine competition.

From dock diving to agility, the possibilities for competing with your dog are endless. Even if you’ve never done a dog sport before, it’s never the wrong time to begin. And nothing fuels your four-legged athlete like protein-packed natural dog treats!

20. Be in a Canine Parade 

Sparky’s made it a goal this year to strut his stuff through town like the handsome pup he knows he is!

Whether it’s your town’s Fourth of July parade, Halloween parade or Christmas parade, there’s bound to be opportunities throughout the year for a community celebration that your canine companion can come to. Some of these events feature a canine costume contest, or maybe your town hosts a truly dog-themed parade!

Has Sparky’s list given your best pal some inspiration? There are many unique ways to make this upcoming year memorable for you and your pups!

What’s on your dog’s New Year to-do list for 2022? Let us know on Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram!

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