• Why do dogs eat poop?

    Why do dogs eat poop?
    Dogs eating poop? Ewwww. It’s so gross we don’t even want to think about it. But if you have a dog that enjoys eating poop, you know exactly why this can be a problem. Out of all the gross habits our pets have, eating poop definitely tops the list. Despite how unsavory of a topic poop eating is, it is such a common problem that there’s even a word for it: coprophagia. Let’s dig into the down and dirty topic of dining on dog doody to figure out why dogs eat poop and how we can...
  • How to read a pet food bag

    How to read a pet food bag
    If you’ve ever stood in the pet food aisle staring at the wide variety of foods in confusion, then you know how difficult it can be to read a pet food bag. While the front of the bag contains the brand name and the variety of the dog food, the important information is usually on the back of the bag.Pet food bags aren’t always designed with customer’s readability in mind, because, let’s face it, most people don’t look at the back of the bag and they base their purchase on the appearance of the packaging. Smart...
  • Tips for a safe St. Patrick’s Day for dogs

    Tips for a safe St. Patrick’s Day for dogs
    Hey guys, it’s me: Sparky McLeprechaun! Top O’ the mornin to ya! Ok, it’s really just Sparky the dog, but I’m here to tell you all about the day where we all become Irish: St. Patrick’s Day! From pots o’ gold, to shamrocks and leprechauns, St. Patrick’s Day really is a silly holiday, when you’re a dog. It isn’t all green decorations and fun on St. Patrick's Day, and I’m here to tell you a few of the hazards to watch out for, to help keep your dog safe. Shamrocks Shamrocks are one of the most...
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