• Which Dog Breed is Best For Me?

    Which Dog Breed is Best For Me?
    Once you’ve made the momentous decision to look for a new canine companion, your first question is likely to be: Which dog breed is best for me? How do I know if my new dog will fit into my lifestyle — or my apartment? The American Kennel Club currently recognizes nearly 200 different dog breeds, each with their own unique history, temperament and physical characteristics. While it’s true that every dog is an individual, knowing the general characteristics of the breed you’re looking for is an excellent starting point for your journey to find your perfect...
  • Top 10 Signs Your Dog Is Sick

    Top 10 Signs Your Dog Is Sick
    If something seems off with your dog, it’s normal to be concerned. Like many pet parents, you may be unsure at what point you should take your dog to the vet, or what signs to look for that indicate your precious pup is truly ill. There are several common signs you may see when a dog is sick. If you notice any of the below symptoms, you should seriously consider a vet visit for your pooch. Please note that these are general guidelines and not veterinary advice; always consult with your trusted veterinarian for medical advice...
  • What is the Best Natural Dog Food?

    What is the Best Natural Dog Food?
    As a responsible pet parent, you want to do what’s best for your best pal — and that includes feeding a healthy diet you can be proud of. If you’re already making an effort to eat more natural and less processed foods yourself, you likely want the same for Fido. But you may wonder — is natural dog food really healthier for your pup? Does the word “natural” on the bag really mean anything, anyway? What does it mean if a dog food is “natural”? The guidelines for pet food, including ingredients and labeling, are set...
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