• The Best Dog Friendly Backyard Landscaping Ideas

    The Best Dog Friendly Backyard Landscaping Ideas
    Does bringing a furry friend into your life mean resigning yourself to a lawn dotted with holes, pee-spots and scattered dog bones? Not necessarily! Landscaping with dogs isn’t easy, but it is possible to have a beautiful backyard while keeping your best pal happy. We’re happy to help with dog friendly landscaping inspiration! How Do Dogs Damage Backyards? Dogs bring boundless joy to our lives, but welcoming Fido into your home also brings risks of damage to your beautiful backyard. One risk of landscaping with dogs includes the potential for your beloved pup to eat or...
  • What to Put in a Dog First Aid Kit

    What to Put in a Dog First Aid Kit
    Every pet parent hopes they’ll never have to use it — but if you assemble a well-stocked dog first aid kit, you can be prepared for nearly any contingency and take good care of your pup on the day they need you most. Remember, the effort you invest now to put together a dog first aid kit may save your best pal’s life later! Please bear in mind that while the following suggestions are good tips to follow, this blog is no substitute for genuine medical advice. Always confer with your trusted veterinarian if you have...
  • The Perfect Easter for Dogs

    The Perfect Easter for Dogs
    Easter is the classic hallmark of spring, a joyful holiday for the whole family. And as every pet-lover knows, “the whole family” includes the furry, four-legged members! After all, why shouldn’t Fido get in on the fun?? There are many easy ways to throw the perfect Easter for dogs that your best pal will love and you’ll never forget! Dog Easter Baskets Kids love waking up to a fun-filled Easter basket on Easter morning; so why not make a dog Easter basket, too? After all, any holiday is a good excuse to spoil your very best...
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