• Is your dog spoiled?

    Is your dog spoiled?
    Our doggos are our best pals. They’re snuggly and adorable, and always there for us when we’re feeling down. They also make us laugh and bring joy and happiness to our lives. Dogs may even help reduce stress and ease loneliness, according to the National Alliance on Mental Illness. So, of course we would want to reward our furry buddies by spoiling them. But how can you tell if your dog is spoiled? Here are some signs that you may have a pampered pooch, along with some suggestions of safe and healthy ways to spoil your...
  • What is the best dog food for allergies?

    What is the best dog food for allergies?
    Does your dog ever suffer from itchy skin? Maybe you’ve noticed your dog licking their paws, or you’ve noticed the fur on their paws changing color. Does your dog get regular ear infections? Have you noticed hot spots? Dandruff? Fur loss? These symptoms may all be signs of food allergies. Dogs are commonly taken to the veterinarian for these symptoms and a trip to the vet should always be the first stop when your dog experiences any uncomfortable medical issues. Your vet may prescribe a variety of treatments. From medications, to special baths, to reducing exposure...
  • How to maximize indoor time with dogs

    How to maximize indoor time with dogs
      Although spring is in the air, for many of us, we’re still stuck indoors with our dogs. From rainy days, to bad weather, to illness or injury, there are many reasons it may be difficult to get your dog outside. If you’re working from home you may have also begun to realize just how much time your pooch spends sleeping during the day. Just because you and your dog are stuck indoors, doesn’t mean you have to sit around being bored. So how can you maximize all of this extra time you have with your...
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