Hey guys! Sparky here, and I want to celebrate with you all August long...or should I say DOGust!  Are you familiar with “Dogust”? If not, let me get you excited for this pawesome celebration. August 1st, known as Dogust, is the universal birthday for shelter dogs, because oftentimes shelters (and a pet’s new family) are unable to identify their actual birthday. So let’s come together to wish our amazing shelter pals a very Happy Birthday! Raise your paw if you’re ready to win some free treats and pawty with us! Oh, and I should mention….you can...
  • July is Lost Pet Prevention Month

    July is Lost Pet Prevention Month
    July is known as Lost Pet Prevention Month because July 5 is typically the busiest day of the year for animal shelters. That’s because many people celebrate Independence Day in July by lighting off fireworks. Dogs and cats don’t understand fireworks and all they hear are deafening booms and flashes of light combined with the smell of smoke. Some pets become so frightened by fireworks that they run away and end up at animal shelters...or worse. So how can you prevent your pet from getting lost? And if your pet is lost, how can you maximize...
  • 4 tips to keep your dog cool this summer

    4 tips to keep your dog cool this summer
    When it’s summertime, you can expect sunshine, warm weather, and extra time outdoors with your dog. Spending all that extra time in the sun also means your dog could get very hot. Dogs don’t sweat the same way humans do so if they get too hot they can actually suffer from heat stroke, a deadly condition. Here are some tips to help keep your dog cool this summer. Hit the beach Everyone loves to hit the beach when it’s hot out, and it’s also a great way to help keep your dog cool. Just be sure...
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