• Sparky’s Indoor Holiday Safety Tips

    Sparky’s Indoor Holiday Safety Tips
    Nothing ruins holiday celebrations more than an emergency trip to the dogter. Trust me, I’m Sparky, and I’m experienced in this kind of thing. You know that stuff hanging on those shiny Christmas trees? One year I decided to see if it tasted as good as it looked. It didn’t. What’s even worse is that my mom and dad had to rush me to the dogter because I got so sick. I don’t remember much after that, except for waking up wearing the cone of shame. I learned my lesson ... for sure. That’s why I...

    Giving Tuesday is a global generosity movement to encourage people to support organizations helping their community. It is traditionally held the first Tuesday after Thanksgiving. With the many challenges of 2020, it is even more important to give back to your community if you’re able.  That’s why Nature’s Advantage is supporting the Salvation Army this Giving Tuesday by offering online shoppers 25% off their purchases at naturesadv.com using code SA25OFF and donating 5% of all sales to The Salvation Army through March 31, 2021.  Nonprofit organizations are dependent on donations to support their work. The Salvation...
  • Sparky's Thanksgiving Tips for Dogs

    Sparky's Thanksgiving Tips for Dogs
    Well Hi! I’m Sparky and it’s my favorite time of the year: Turkey day! For a dog, Thanksgiving is the time of the year when the house fills with delicious smells and I lay next to the warm oven while my mom cooks...because then I’m right there to help her clean up if anything spills. Unfortunately, I don’t have those funny opposable thumbs, so I can’t help with the cooking. But once visitors start piling into the house I can help by greeting them all with a happy dance, butt wiggles and some kisses! All the...
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