• Dog fact or fiction: 10 Awesome facts about dogs

    Dog fact or fiction: 10 Awesome facts about dogs
    Dogs are our best pals, our loyal companions and our furry family members. There is a reason that dogs are called “man’s best friend.” Although you already know how awesome your dog is, they may be even more special than you realize! Read on to test your knowledge of fun and weird dog facts and learn some awesome information about your best pal.  1. Dogs sweat through their paws FACT: Dogs have sweat glands in their paws and may occasionally sweat through them, which helps to regulate their body temperature. Panting is also a way that...
  • Why do dogs eat grass?

    Why do dogs eat grass?
    If you’re outside and you notice your dog eating grass it can definitely be a confusing sight. You know your hound isn’t a horse, so why would your dog eat grass? Are they feeling sick? Are they hungry? Are they just being weird? Will it make them sick? It’s normal to have questions when your dog does strange things like eating grass, but eating grass is actually quite common. Why is my dog eating grass?  When dogs eat non-food things it’s called Pica. Pica is often caused by a nutritional or dietary deficiency, meaning your dog...
  • 5 Ways To Go Green And Reduce Your Carbon Pawprint

    5 Ways To Go Green And Reduce Your Carbon Pawprint
    We share this planet with our animal friends and there are so many simple ways we can help make this world a better place for them, and for us. As responsible dog parents, making small changes can have a big impact on our carbon pawprint. No matter how small your contribution, you’ll feel proud knowing you’ve done your part to help our environment. Here are five ways to go green and use sustainable practices to help reduce your carbon pawprint. 1. Dispose of dog doo the green way Our dogs can produce a lot of waste....
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