Is your dog spoiled?

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Our doggos are our best pals. They’re snuggly and adorable, and always there for us when we’re feeling down. They also make us laugh and bring joy and happiness to our lives. Dogs may even help reduce stress and ease loneliness, according to the National Alliance on Mental Illness. So, of course we would want to reward our furry buddies by spoiling them. But how can you tell if your dog is spoiled? Here are some signs that you may have a pampered pooch, along with some suggestions of safe and healthy ways to spoil your dog.

Signs your dog is spoiled

Your dog sleeps in bed with you at night

If your dog has their own blanket and pillow and they sleep in bed with you at night, they’re probably spoiled. As long as you and your dog’s sleep schedules don’t get interrupted due to sharing the bed, it probably isn’t harmful to let your dog sleep in bed with you at night. Shared warmth, snuggles and a sense of security are what many pet owners report they experience from sharing their bed with a dog.

You feed your dog human food

If you feed your dog human food, they’re definitely spoiled. It is undeniable that dogs love eating human food, but—let’s face it—some of that food isn’t even good for us, let alone our dogs. Spoiling your dog by giving them human food also contributes to canine obesity. Just remember that some ways you spoil your dog may actually affect their health and longevity.

Your dog has its own wardrobe

If your dog has their own wardrobe complete with hoodies, dresses, pajamas and bikinis, they’re definitely spoiled. As long as your dog is comfortable wearing clothes and the clothing doesn’t cause them to get too warm, dressing your dog up is a fun way to spoil them. Some dogs even learn to wear boots, hats and sunglasses!

Your dog’s salon bill costs more than your own

If your dog comes home from the salon with painted nails, dyed hair and a salon bill that’s more expensive than your own, they’re probably spoiled. However, there is nothing wrong with spoiling your dog this way, as long as you rely on  a professional who uses pet safe products. Plus, regular grooming appointments are essential to dogs of all breeds and hair types.

Your dog thinks you’re a treat dispenser

If your dog is constantly begging for treats and you reward them without making them do any work for the treat, your dog is probably spoiled. Resisting the urge to constantly give your dog treats is tough because they love treats so much! But giving your dog a treat whenever they beg for one is definitely a sign of a spoiled dog.

Your dog throws tantrums 

If your dog throws tantrums, or refuses to walk so you have to carry them, they’re definitely spoiled. When your dog was a puppy it may have been cute when they threw their little tantrums but as they grow, those tantrums aren’t so cute anymore and are a sure fire way to know your dog is spoiled.

Safe and healthy ways to spoil your dog

Get your dog their own bed

Sharing a bed with your dog is nice, but a dog that is really spoiled will have options on where they can sleep. Getting your dog their own bed gives them a safe space all their own. That way, if you’re tossing and turning in your sleep, your dog can retire to their own bed so that their sleep isn’t disturbed.

Feed your dog healthy food 

The only human food you should be feeding your dog is small amounts of fruits and vegetables. Rather than feeding your dog junk food, you should really spoil them by feeding them food with clean ingredients. Choose a food that is grain free and gluten free. Check out our blog to learn five things to look for in a dog food.

Give your dog a massage

An easy way to spoil your dog is to give them a massage. Use gentle, circular motions and give your dog a rub down focusing on their ears, their paws, or any places that they like to be pet. You could even make a date night with your dog out of it! Check out our blog for more date night ideas with your pooch.

Groom your dog at home

Although there is nothing wrong with leaving dog grooming up to a professional, some grooming processes can be done at home to spoil your dog. Give your dog a manicure and apply some paw balm. Clean your dog’s ears and give them a nice relaxing rub-down. Your pooch will definitely feel pampered after a spa night at home.

Treat train your dog 

Treats that are earned are way more rewarding than treats that are just freely given. Instead of spoiling your dog by just giving them handfuls of treats, use treats to train your dog. Training your dog gives them a positive outlet for their energy. Check out our blog for some top training tips and four fun ways to treat your dog. For the ultimate way to spoil your dog, pick up some freeze-dried treats to practice training your dog with.

Give your dog attention

The easiest way to spoil your dog is to simply give them attention. If your dog throws a tantrum, it may just be because they miss you and want to spend time with you. Spoil them by giving them the thing they want the very most: quality time with you.

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